Did you know...

My favorite food is chocolate m&m's.
My favorite color is GREEN.
My favorite team is UCONN Women's Basketball
Clowning keeps me young at heart!
Bella the Clown was born in 1987 after her father, Mr. Clown
introduced her to the magical world of clowning.  They became
instant clowning soul mates. She says she found her true calling...

She has attended and hosted various clown classes,
workshops and annual conventions from coast to coast.
She has also participated in marching in the World Clown
Parade in
Walt Disney World, Florida.

She annually attends the
Twist and Shout Conventions, Bling
Bling Conventions, US Florida Super Jams
and the Clowns of
America International (COAI) Conventions
throughout the country in exciting places like
Nevada, California, Texas, Missouri and
Florida to name just a few
At numerous national conventions,
Bella the Clown has won many
prestigious awards including
Top Ten level and First Place
in face painting (cheek art),
balloon sculpturing (multi &
single balloon), paradability
to costume design.  
Her awards are endless....
Check out some of her award winning multi balloon
creation and medals below.
Her goal is to continue to educate herself on new
techniques so she can share them with all of you.
Bella the Clown
is a member of the
following National
Why I became a clown…
I love kids and I love to hear them
roaring with laughter!

I found myself wanting to do
something to make a positive
lasting memory in their lives.
Anaheim, CA
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